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Bowhunting North America is a family owned and operated outdoor video production company that promotes hunting and outdoor activities as a family affair.

Bowhunting North America was founded by James and Donna Ferguson in 2001 after observing for years that the outdoor activities were promoted as "male" only activities. Their entire family hunted and enjoyed the outdoors so they knew that was just not the case and wanted to spread the word.

James knew if his passion, bowhunting, was going to have a future in the great land of opportunity that we live in, he knew he had to do his part to double or triple the number of participants that bowhunted and enjoyed the outdoors. To do that, it meant exposing the sport to a group of individuals that until recently were not catered to in the outdoor world. Women and children!

With Donna on board they founded Bowhunting North America, LLC. and since that date they have been working with businesses in the hunting and outdoor industry to show the world that the outdoors is for everyone, man, woman, and child!

Through the support of Bowhunting North America viewers and business partners James and Donna and their children have been able to share their passion with the world and develop new passionate hunters and outdoor enthusists that are vital to our heritage surviving well into the future.


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